Creating Calendar Events

  1. On the left in your user box, choose Create Content.
  2. Next, select Appalachian Calendar Event.
  3. Fill in the title of your event.
  4. Select the date your event takes place and type in the time.
    • If your event last multiple days, you can select the To Date and Time
    • If your event occurs on multiple occasions, click on Repeat and choose your frequency, period, and end date.
      • Advanced allows you input special circumstances such as every second week or the fifth day of every month.
      • Except permits exceptions to a reoccurring event, such as skipping Thanksgiving Day when the event occurs every third Thursday in the month.
      • Additional allows the addition of a single day that does not occur within the repetition of the event.
  5. Type in a description of the event.
  6. Do not change anything for Input.
  7. For Sponsor, enter the name of the group, program, nonprofit, or organization hosting the event.
  8. For Contact Name, enter the contact name for this event.
    • This will be the person to contact with questions about this event.
  9. For Contact Email, enter the contact email address for this event.
    • This will be the email address of the person to contact with questions about this event.
  10. For Contact Telephone, enter the contact telephone number for this event in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    • This will be the telephone number of the person to contact with questions about this event.
  11. For Location, enter the name of the location (ie. venue) where your event is being held.
    • For example "Boone Mall" or "Belk Library & Information Commons - Room 421"
  12. For Map Link, enter a URL where the user can find information about how to get to the location for this event.
    • You can use the Campus Area Map ( to find your location and include the URL here.
    • If you choose to use another map, such as Google, copy the URL and past it here.
  13. For Admission, enter any relevant information about admission.
    • For example, include "$10" or "Admission is free and open to the public," or even a detailed pricing structure, like for student vs. general admission, child ticket prices, etc).
  14. Do not add/edit anything in the Appalachian Calendar Service menu.


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